To all the beautiful souls who are reading this testimonial, you are in a great place and you will not regret working with Ainslie.

I have just recently completed a 6 month program which was absolutely amazing. I was able to really tap into my true self which I have never experienced this state before.

We deserve to be our true selves so to work with Ainslie and to really go deep into myself has been a game changer.

The awareness I received during our sessions together has truly opened my eyes and heart to trust myself much more than I ever have.

The sessions are truly beautiful.

I say to those looking at self-development and wanting to get to know yourself better go ahead and do whatever it takes, because you deserve to be the best version of yourself. 

Shanelle Hawea, Western Australia

Singing Bowl Wellbeing (Website coming soon)


Working with Ainslie has been a truely transformative experience. Since working with her, I feel like a completely different woman - she has helped me to reconnect with my self, she has helped me to come home, and to become whole.

To work with Ainslie is to go deep. Deep beyond what you might initially think the issues or questions you want to address are, down to the root. Ainslie opens up this space for you shift and heal what it is that’s really holding you back.

Her talent is holding this space for you so that you feel safe and held while you make these deep shifts. Our time together has been one of the best investments I have made in myself. I feel that I have truely “levelled up” since our time together - becoming more confident, more aligned with who I am and what I stand for, more able to manage my emotions and boundaries, and able to step back from situations and assess them for what they really are, without letting my stories get in the way. I feel strong and in touch with my true essence. I highly recommend working with Ainslie if you are feeling ready to shed your old stories and step into who you really are.

Lauren Beckett, Victoria


I was drawn to Ainslie for her spiritual connection & warm, loving energy. She has a warmth & openness about her that is very healing. Always willing to go over and above for clients she has a genuine commitment to your happiness.

By working with Ainslie I was lovingly lead into the heart space where I realised I was locked and hidden away. It was the beginning of a process of opening up and I continue to unfold into it today.

Emily Gallagher, New Zealand


I was lucky enough to meet Ainslie in the flesh before I knew of her coaching work. Within minutes of discussing my own spiritual journey and sitting in her gentle, loving presence I knew our paths had crossed for a reason and she was the coach I'd been searching for. 

Ainslie provided a nurturing and trusting space where I could explore my self limiting beliefs and really uncover what had been holding me back from living my truth. She helped me strengthen my own self awareness and understand further the role my heart and soul can play in helping me to process emotions and make decisions. On top of this, Ainslie guided me through a number of embodiment techniques which I continue to call upon daily. 

This women is just magic and a pure joy to work with. My heart with forever be filled with gratitude as I reflect on our time together. 

Pip Honour, Sydney


My true, authentic, highest self emerged from me. You and I called her “Wild Beauty”. What crystallised for me was that I was always enough and where I am in this moment of my life is perfect and for the greater good. The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself is that I have more trust in my body, trust in myself, and trust in what the Universe has in store for me even in my moments of resistance. This is no game. I was meant to do my life’s work. This is not a hobby. This is my soul’s purpose. I already have all of the tools I need to become a life coach.

Erica Hill, South Carolina, USA



Ainslie is one of the most intuitive people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She knew exactly what to say through her coaching and mentoring and I always left our sessions on a high of inspiration and excitement.  

I really looked forward to my sessions with Ainslie. She has a big, beautiful heart, bucket loads of wisdom and knowledge, and an infectious smile. She really helped to instil so much confidence and faith in myself, and now I just feel pumped and proud of what I’m going to be putting out into the world!

Thank you so much Ainslie! You are an angel xx

Elizabeth Rose Codrington, Perth


I re-discovered my passion for life and the motivation to do what I really want to do. And the realisation and belief that I can do anything I put my mind too. Coaching has helped me immensely by giving me the tools to handle any situation and the belief and inspiration to conquer any challenge in my path. 

I feel as though I belong, not just taking up space. Life is now enjoyable and I’m open to so many opportunities and adventures with belief and a purpose. I feel much stronger and more motivated to do the things I love.

Ainslie already got more out of me then I knew I had inside me. 

You helped me recognize the battle for control between my ego and my soul. You helped me give my soul a voice again, and quiet the ego and the negative cycle that had consumed my passion for life. 

You are inspiring and motivating and I will forever be thankful for your help in finding my motivation and inspiration.

 Troy C., Brisbane


Honestly it is the loveliest thing to be able to talk about what you want in your life, what your struggles are, and workshop some solutions or different perspectives for those struggles. I just felt really listened to and understood.

My change in perspective can be applied in everything I do:  relationships, continued study, future jobs, general decision making. It means I can relax, listen to and trust myself, stop looking for the best way to do something and just do it.

You’re a rock star listener Ainslie – you put 110% into listening, seeking to understand, reflecting back, checking perspectives and inviting new ones on for size. While doing this you are empathetic, positive, honest (which is one of my highest values), open and warm, and results focused. You caringly didn’t let me back down from what I really wanted to do, you encouraged me, checked in with me and you kept me on track. Thank you.

 Sarah Holloway, Brisbane


I was expecting to spend 3 months squirming and feeling a bit nervous.  Luckily, Ainslie’s coaching isn’t like that, but I still found myself achieving goals and upping my productivity and performance.

I now have a direction where before I was wavering and being indecisive.  Since starting our coaching all manner of things have fallen into place, and I find myself experiencing the magic in every moment and every little gift that comes my way… 

I’ve applied for and been accepted into the University of Canberra to study a Bachelor of Human Nutrition so that I can make informed decisions about my food intake and that of my family’s as well. 

Ainslie is a natural at coaching.  She is caring, powerful and inspiring and has the ability to motivate without deviating from her naturally beautiful nature. 

Vanessa Lovell, Canberra