Allure.  Mystery.  rich living.  Harmony. 

sensuality.  creative expression.  full experiences.


Life calls us towards it in many ways.


 Let life seduce you.


The Venus Project is an experiential coaching series with Ainslie Deverson, where the curiosities of your spirit, lead you to answer questions that your life is seducing you with.

Ainslie is a devoted guide to creating intimacy and space for her clients to weave harmony through the pillars of their life. As they unearth and explore their dormant gifts and skills, and strengthen their active ones, her clients lead themselves to self trust, acceptance and worth, liberation, and a full, creative life of contribution and vitality.

Ainslie’s own gifts and skills of embodiment, teaching, archetypal astrology, Dreamtime healing using holographic kinetics, and intuitive seeing of deep energetic patterns of her clients, are combined together with real world creative resourcefulness and practical application, bringing harmony and balance between the Celestial and the Earth.



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